Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I love pancakes. LOVE. THEM. Could eat my weight in pancakes. And probably will today.

Yesterday I attempted a trial run of these cake batter pancakes from howsweeteats.com (my current favourite blog). The trouble is that I haven't found a proper cake mix yet. I'm in Scotland. They don't do yellow cake mix. So I tried a packet of sponge mix. Yeah. Not good. I mean the pancakes were ok but they didn't taste cakey. And the sprinkles I got all lost their colour. It was just sad.

So I had all this left over sponge mix. What to do?

I was baking cookies for my son's class anyway so I thought I give cake cookies a try. and oh my!
 Yes that is cream cheese icing in the middle.

I mixed the sponge mix with some butter and a bit of sugar an egg and some SR flour until it was the consistency of cookie dough. Then I rolled it into balls which I flattened out on the cookie sheet and baked at gas mark 4 until they were golden.

Then I went to the shops and got some chocolate cake mix.

Very looking forward to pancakes now!

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