Thursday, 10 March 2011

There are no words....

...for how much I am missing coffee so far. And it's only day 2!

So this is my daughter eating my lovely healthy lunch. I had made toasted vegetables with white bean houmous with coriander (from a certain favourite blog) and seeded pittas. I put some in a bowl for her but everyone knows that food tastes better from Mommy's plate.

This was pancake day. I made regular, chocolate cake and lemon drizzle pancakes. The last two need work. They were ok but the chocolate cake pancakes weren't cakey enough and the lemon drizzles pancakes needed a better drizzle. But it was still a successful dinner. Frankly any dinner that includes strawberries, nutella and squirty cream is a success in my book!

With yesterday being Ash Wednesday we needed to have a meatless meal so I made pesto. My son is 5. He doesn't do vegetables (except for raw carrots and cooked broccoli...seriously.) And he only recently started to eat pesto. It's a HUGE deal. So when I make my pesto I add a little secret ingredient...


I cook them until they are tender then once they are cooled pop them in the chopper with the basil etc. Once it's all chopped up you can't tell. Certainly, my boy couldn't tell (nor could his dad!) I think it makes the sauce go further as well.

Looks like normal pesto to me!

I like a  creamier sauce so I usually add some whipping cream as well.

Anyway, it went down a treat. It almost made me forget about coffee.....almost.

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